Dear Fiscal Board Series Information

Dear Fiscal Board

Our mission is to provide solutions from a digital perspective to face the complex landscape in our daily lives in Puerto Rico.

Our goal is that our government and the Fiscal Control Board incorporate it as a governance structure.


Over the past 12 years we have witnessed multiple failed attempts by local government administrations in Puerto Rico to offer more efficient online services and data transparency, following recurring promises in election campaigns.

Today, Puerto Rico faces one of the most difficult economic stages in its history, and there’s an urgent need for the development of a central digital structure that will save millions of dollars in processes and services and provide much needed financial transparency and data reporting.

Event Details

We’ve held two events so far, making major progress with recommendations to integrate US Digital Service efforts as part of the Puerto Rico digital plan.

Our next event takes us to DC, where we look to assist in executing on the Fiscal Board’s recommendation to collaborate with the USDS on multiple fronts.

What we’re looking for:

Sponsorship support – Link to Sponsorship Presentation
Possible speakers to consider as part of the agenda

Additional Information

Please visit for details on past events, a historical timeline on Puerto Rico’s digital governance structure, sponsorship details and press coverage.

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