From Intention to Action: A Plan for the Digitalization of Puerto Rico

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Why have efforts to rebuild an Island ravaged by financial uncertainty, natural disasters, political and social unrest, and epidemics gone awry? It’s due in great part to the fact that the main pillars of our democratic government, the Executive and Legislative branches, have not understood, much less exploited, the potential that exists in the digital age to effect a transformation of the country. Rebuilding an avant-garde society requires a government capable of making the transition from the physical models of the past to the digital models of the present. Digital transformation in governments is possible if we dare to make revolutionary changes across all branches at every level. Any central plan must leverage and empower the role of civic tech leaders and their practical knowledge to respond and contribute to these efforts. This book presents a roadmap with a clear strategy to make a leap from proposing great ideas to achieving visible execution. Over a dozen plans that have been developed over the past 12 years on economic development, infrastructure, security, and fiscal sustainability are reviewed and analyzed. Its purpose is to establish the criteria to be followed for a radical execution of the digital transformation of Puerto Rico, and may be applied to any jurisdiction.



This book brings together best practices from a global network of digital government aficionados who worked in leadership positions leading effective digital transformations all over the world.  It presents their model, with case studies, methodologies for situational awareness analysis and strategies for the successful execution of digital policy.  Puerto Rico is a prime example of a failed government, a case study of everything gone wrong.  The past three governors were elected with digital transformation as a key part of their agenda – and they failed to deliver. The book seizes the opportunity of an upcoming election and what would be the 4th attempt at getting things right. 

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